Shifty-Eyed Evader or Unblinking Intimidator?

Ah yes, I think at the moment I come right into the middle. I used to be extremely non-confrontational and shy and always backed off when people glared at me. Although this has not changed too much, I do hope that I have improved quite a bit. In that for me it seems that I can be more upfront and not back down from some idiot asshole who seems to look down upon me for reasons which only he believes are inferior or weak. I am not letting people do that to me anymore.

Let me give you an example; the starer! The impolite, fucking ass morons whose parents apparently did a fucked up job of raising them, who look down at you in a very obvious way. When I commute, I at times, although those are very rare and far apart now, get stared at by some dim-witted father fucker. The only reason I can think of for them to stare at me in such a manner is because they are fucking assholes who think I am too fat. I don't think so numbnuts! I know I am fat, but not as much as you think I am. And even if I was, its just to fucking rude to do so. So think of this, each time you stare at me unkindly, after you die you will be gang raped in the ass that many times by the demons of eternity with penises the size of a baseball bat!

Anyway, back to my topic, so when earlier I used to back away and either lower my head or look away, now I just stare back with a look on face that is just like giving them the middle finger and saying "so that's one for you in hell"! Sometimes I do give them the middle finger — and they look away. Often I do not have to do that; they get intimidated quite easily and look away when I stare back. Cause when I stare back it's like "You? You pathetic excuse for a human, look down upon ME!!!"

It's like my cousin Manoj once stated: back in 2000-01 we were both in Mattancherry at the market and two morons were whispering to each other and pointing at us and no doubt making fun of us as we are both fat. I was upset and looked down. Manoj say this, patted me on the shoulder and said "Look at them! Those two grown men, holding each other's pinky fingers and walking around. And they are making fun of us!" And we both laughed out loud at them!!!

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