Should You Feel Guilty About Killing Spiders, Ants or Other Bugs?

Some people say no you cannot kill spiders, any or any other creepy crawly creatures. I dunno but if it’s me vs them, I’m gonna vote for me every time man. However, killing them just for the sake of doing so? That I do not know. I care for some animals, usually mammals, birds and such but certainly not bugs, snakes and other reptiles, spiders and other bugs. Especially ants, cockroaches, fly & mosquitoes.Now what instead would I want to be done to them?

Long time readers may know of the fictional future I have created in my mind for all of humanity. In that future humanity has left the earth (say sometime between the years 2500 to 3000) as the resources have started to dwindle quite badly and we have discovered a few exo-planets set in a solar system many light years away. Large bioships are constructed and the humans are housed in them in suites of their own so they can easily travel the lengthy journey from the earth to the new home. Ofcourse we take our beloved pets with us. Our cats, dogs, pet fish and similar animals are safely tucked in their beds next to ours when it is night time on these ships and we can easily feed and take care of them.

What about the other animals and bird? Shipped in bioships of their own and transported to one of the moons or planets we have earmarked as our new ones. Once we land on these planets & moons, the animals are kept in huge safaris and wild life reserves where they won’t be hunted for sport or anything. The humans go on to live in beautiful cities & towns on the planets. But we have left the creepy crawlies behind on earth where they can thrive without humans and other animals around and we never have to see them again. Done!

Prompt from Over 1,000 Writing Prompts for Students at The New York Times Learning Network

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