I’ve actually seen this movie once before but never got to writing the review. It’s another one of those Hollywood remakes of an Asian horror movie (a 2004 Thai movie in this case).

The story is about Ben, a photographer & his new bride Jane, who go to Japan shortly after their wedding as Ben has got a lucrative gig in Tokyo. Ben has previously worked in Tokyo and had an affair with a Japanese girl. When she got too clingy & needy, Ben wanted out. His friends Adam & Bruno drug the Japanese girl, Megumi, and rape her, while Ben took her pictures in order to blackmail her and get rid of her from his life. So she commits suicide in shame but her ghost is still around and hunting for Ben. While they are driving to a cabin, Jane thinks she hit a girl but they can’t find the body after they get out of their crashed car & look.

Meanwhile Ben gets a pain in his shoulder, which they think was caused by the car accident. He gets to his new job but Jane starts seeing things. The photos that they took come out with mysterious white lights in them, which are identified as spirit photos. A man who investigates paranormal activity says that the lights are spirits, manifestations of intense emotions trying to communicate. As Jane investigates, she finds out the ghost is a girl named Megumi and that she used to know Ben.

Ben tells Jane that yes they had an affair and that he dumped her. Later, Ben’s friends, Adam and Bruno, are killed by Megumi. A horrifying night in their bedroom leaves both Jane & Ben stunned. After they find Megumi’s decaying corpse in her house, they have the body cremated and then leave for New York. However, Jane finds Megumi’s spirit in their apartment and she is led to a camera with the photos that Ben took of his friend’s molesting Megumi. Enraged Jane leaves Ben.

Ben is angry and starts calling out to Megumi while taking pictures of the apartment. When he throws the camera on to the floor, it takes a polaroid of him – showing that the ghost is sitting on his shoulder! This explains the neck pain. Freaked out, Ben trys to electrocute himself and is rendered catatonic. He is institunalized and as we close the movie, we see him at the hospital with a smiling Megumi clinging to him still! Creepy! 7 outta 10!

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