Sick Day Today

Well, this crazy weather has people falling ill at the wrong times. November usually has some showers and a bit of thunder but not at the scale that we have had this year. We’ve had severe thunder storms and plenty of days with rain this month and we still have 10 more days to go before the end of the month.

With the storm we had last Friday and then it being gloomy and cloudy & humid on Saturday, my sinuses were in havoc from Sunday onwards. I caught a bad cold and my nose was running and I started getting a slight cough due to the phlegm. I didn’t go out on Sunday like I was thinking of and stayed in. Monday I was still suffering from the effects and yeah yesterday too. So I took today off from work, knowing that if I probably go to work today and sit in the usual section I normally will sit, then the ac will cause even more problems for me and I will need more than day or two off.

So I am on leave today, and it’s perfect as my training batch ended yesterday, and I came home last evening and was so tired that I feel asleep rather early (10:30 pm I think) and woke up only after 8am. More rest today and maybe a movie or two.

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