Yesterday was the birthday of the elder of my two nephews. My sister had called me in the afternoon to ask me to come over for dinner but I was too tired to go and spend time at her place and listen to 4 noisy kids. Plus I didn’t know for sure when I was able to leave the office. I had been doing a 7-4 shift but leaving around 6:30 for the last 4 days and I knew that there might be some issues with some stuff that might require me to be there. So I declined.

I came home, sweating like a ancient Egyptian slave working on the pyramids at noon, around 7:30 pm and made some coffee and watched a few episodes of Friends on dvd. My sister sent some food my way, chicken masala roast & chappathis, with some roasted cashew nuts & cake. The nuts were delicious and the cake was ok. But the chicken was so oily and spicy and the masala sat in my belly and gave me heartburn all night and today. What’s worse, it also has made me sick and I had to visit the facilities 3 times during my training batch. I had no lunch and drank a lot of cold water to calm myself down.

Late evening, I’ve just a couple of coffees and a banana. Funny enough, I am not hungry at all. I plan to just take it easy tomorrow and rest myself. I should be getting my 8 day vacation by the 5th. I just hope I find a place to go to.

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