Sign Of Things To Come

I was running late for work today and I got an auto to drive me uptil the office. As we were crossing the North Railway Station bridge, I was texting members of my team regarding some work to be done later and replying back to a team member who was down with the flu. So I didn’t see it until the driver cried out on seeing the scene to our left.

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It was near the Lisie Junction bus stop and as I looked towards the right, I saw what the driver and many others who were looking and pointing were seeing. They were looking at the dead body of a man, lying on the side of the road. Apparently he tripped while either climbing or alightining the bus and the back wheels went over his head. He died instantly and it was not a pretty sight, judging by the screams of the people on that side of the road.

I can’t imagine losing someone like that. What his family must be going through today. It could have been his fault or it could have been the bus driver’s fault. Or it could have been a total accident. But he will still remain dead. I think he was around 50 or so, judging by what I could see. That was a gruesome image to see, heading on to work and it would mirror the day at the office to a T.

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