Sitting Pretty

So, i was supposed to start off at the new job today but since the manager is away and won’t be back till 10 pm tonite, my first day has been pushed to Tuesday. That is cool with me although, I am wondering : these were the same people who wanted me to join asap and didn’t want me to give the usual 15 days notice. And not that I don’t appreciate the almost 5 day holiday that I get. I can relax, chat, listen to music, surf the net, spend long hours drinking & reading @ the coffee shop or the bar, sleep the afternoons if I feel like it. There’s paint work going on at the apartment. I didn’t go out much, except to get a couple of beers and a nice lunch on Saturday. So tomorrow is the big day and to tell you the truth, I am tired of waiting. Let’s get it on!

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Song for the day – “If I Were You” – TERRI CLARK

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