Six Things That Tourists Need To Be Careful Of In Goa

No plastic

When in Goa, do keep in mind that this beach destination has announced a blanket ban on certain single-use plastic items from July 1, 2022. Also, as per the notification issued by the pollution watchdog, stocking, manufacturing, and sale of these single-use plastic items is prohibited in Goa.

Be cautious of water activities

Recently, the state tourism department also noted that boating/water sports activities from areas other than those permitted and conducted within demarcated zones, will not be allowed. They have also warned touts against selling of cruise boat tickets or any other tourist activities at places other than authorised ticketing counters and offices.

No cooking on beaches

Next time when you’re in Goa, don’t try to cook food or consume alcohol on the beaches, as new stricter rules have been put in place to regulate such activities of tourists. If reports are to go by, the Goan Government has also updated the Registration of Tourist Trade Act to regulate fines on drinking and cooking on the beaches.

Cooking near roadsides

Not only beaches, one will also not be allowed to cook near the roads. Reportedly, the state tourism department has also prohibited any sort of cooking near the roads, as it has been found that many tourists often cook and create a mess by the roadside.

Ban on desk beds lying on beaches

Take note that there is also a ban imposed on illegal placement of deck-beds, tables, and other items on all the beaches of the state without acquiring valid permissions from the prescribed or competent authority. So, make sure that you have all the required information before using any of these.

Unauthorised vehicles

During your next Goa vacation, make sure that you take a vehicle for use after carrying out thorough research, and checking their valid documents. This is because it is now illegal to drive any unauthorised vehicles in tourist places, especially on Goa beaches.

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