Slap In The Face

After a year & 8 months, all the employees of my office are finally going to get our ‘so-called annual appraisals hikes’. It’s been long overdue and we have been waiting for it with bated breath.

And we were let down! Instead of making us feel appreciated and saying thanks for bearing with us for so long, they made almost the entire team feel like we’ve been had. If it’s bad for the senior guys the recent new joinees in my team and in some others were made to feel like everything is such a big joke against them. Then the management wanted to have a meeting on how to cut costs even more – by booking a conference room in an expensive hotel, having a 5 hour discussion there and then eating an expensive dinner and driven back & forth in company cabs! It was like a stinging slap in their faces and what the fuck do management think they are doing with people’s careers & lives! It’s a little too much.

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