Sleep Study Done For My Obstructive Sleep Apnea

So as stated before I had to have a sleep study done to measure and analyze my obstructive sleep apnea. They booked it for Monday, yesterday and I was told to come by 7:30 pm to the sleep labe in the hospital, as the booking was done from 8pm. I was quite nervous and anxious. However I waited till 5 pm, had a cup of coffee and then took a shave and a shower. I had a light dinner/supper as I couldn’t eat once I reach the lab. I then got ready and booked an Uber and reached the hospital by 4 past 7 pm.

My cousin Raakhee, who was to be my bystander, reached there at the same time and we went to register. This took a very long time and we went to pay for the study and get antigen tests done. By 9:30 pm we were guided to the 7th floor and went to find the lab. I changed to a lungi and relaxed for a little bit. Then the technician attached all the probes & sensors to be and tied the sensor belt around me. She tested it out and then told me to get to bed and sleep. Better said than done. My cousin and I ended up talking for an hour and then we started snoozing off. She fell asleep much before I did. I tossed and turned for a while before falling asleep.

The technician woke me up for trying to get me to wear a mask for pressurized air flow but I felt very uncomfortable with it. I then went back to sleep getting much better sleep till a little after 6 am. We both woke up and the sensors were removed from me. I freshened up in the washroom for a tiny bit and then went down. We caught separate Ubers and I came home for some coffee. By 9 am I was very hungry and had buns with peanut butter for breakfast. And now I am chilling!

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