So Far, I’m Liking It

It’s 3 weeks since I joined my current job and office and so far it has been good and I’m liking it and I even find a lot to enjoy. Although it is not as big as Firstsource (my place of employment for 4 years and 2 months, it certainly is much bigger than my last place in Koratty. In fact these past 3 weeks have let me lay down to rest the bad things of the past almost 2 years.  And I hope it only gets better. I’m not asking for much from any place of employment – just a big paycheck :) , some enjoyment & job satisfaction and occasionally challenging me to do things differently & better myself. The office isn’t that posh but it’s comfortable and there’s my assigned desk & chair plus the entrance to the big floor and the training room.

I’ve been doing a 3am – 10am shift (yes just 7 hours) for the past week. Sleep is spotty but I like the night time drive to the office, the city looks so peaceful. But without a working cafeteria (there is a place for it but you only get tea from a machine and some tables & chairs which are setup for you) and or/decent hotels nearby I have to rely on food from home for breakfast. I choose a time when everyone else is back at their stations so I can go down to the empty cafeteria, take my favourite table and eat my breakfast in quiet. The breakfast I usually have is malli chammandhi (corriander chutney) & cucumber sandwiches which I bring from home along with cardamom tea from the machine.

I’ve liked the bus rides home during the first couple of weeks which was regular working hours. Since Kakkanad is new to me, I enjoy the sights and sounds of the area and look out for interesting things to photograph. This new office building that has come up right at a junction is one I always like. The bus always stops there for a few minutes as it is a busy junction, so a few days ago I took a couple of snaps.

I love the evening sky & clouds reflecting off the large windows. It almost makes it look like the clouds are part of the tinted windows.

The past few days have seen the news of the death of a young man by food poisoning with shawarma that he ate from a particular eatery found as being the culprit. The place has been shutdown as it was found in violation of hygiene & food safety laws and also operating without a proper license. With increasing raids on hotels across the state we have found lots of such violation and lack of hygiene in the cooking area. Ironic to me that the two Saturdays before this incident I had had shawarma from a popular Arabian specialty place after a gap of almost a year. The places I go to are safe and clean as you can see them doing the preparation.

2 thoughts on “So Far, I’m Liking It

  1. That’s awful about the guy who died of food poisoning. How horrible.

    Glad, though, that you are liking your new job…. that is great news. I hope it gives you everything you want. I like the reflection of the clouds in the windows too. Awesome!

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