So I Didn’t Know I Was Off

Having worked all night on getting this website up and running and setting up WordPress, I was surprising still fresh as a butterfly today. I only went to bed around 4:15 am but got up around 9:30 without any trouble. I guess the excitement & satisfaction of finally having my own website space, that I paid for, under my own domain name was giving me a big boost of energy. I couldn’t wait to start searching for WP themes. Frankly speaking, even the default theme with a few tweaks and some colourfull headers would look fine. Check out this site. Even without the tweaks and colours, the default theme still looks pretty good, like Cameron Bales’ site or my buddy Jody’s site.

But I wanted a different look, although I didn’t know exactly what I wanted. I tried out a lot of different looks and I might try to keep changing it from time to time, while keeping this current theme as the main one. There are some really good options that is out there and I really think anyone wanting to setup their own site should get WordPress as their tool of choice. So after trying out around 30 of them in the test runs that they give you, I decided on this one. Please e-mail me and let me know what you think of the design.

I was doing an evening shift, so I got ready & left the apartment by 2 pm. There was a small traffic jam so I smsed ahead to inform that I would be late by a few minutes, since I also had to go over to the main office to hand over the training sheet to Seema. And at that point I came to know that I was supposed to be on holiday as a complimentary for working on Christmas!! You see I had requested an off about a week ago since today was the wedding of a friend and I really wanted to attend it. Since it not in Cochin, I wanted to leave yesterday and be there fresh and early today morning. I kept enquering about the possibility of taking an off today but I was told that I would know for sure only on Monday. Well, Monday evening I smsed to find out if I could. I waited till the last minute possible and finally told my other friends (who were waiting to go for the same wedding) to go on without me. Assuming that I didn’t get the off, I was heading for work and only came to know that I did get it around 2:45!
So I came back home about an hour after I left the sheet for Seema. I didn’t want to come home straight, so I relaxed for an hour at Cafe Coffee Day with a magazine and a frappe. Then it was back home to work on the site. I am pretty pleased about the look of the site, I must say.

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