Soft Outfits For Working @ Home

Soft outfits for working from home
One of the best things about the pandemic and being restricted to Work @ Home, is that you can work in whatever outfit you want. You don’t want to wear anything than a cozy flannel pyjama pants and a Pearl Jam tshirt? Sure why ever not! You want to work wearing just shorts since it is too hot outside? You go dude! Or dudette!

I don’t have any pyjamas and haven’t had any since I was a teenager of around 15. Since then I have only worn lungis, which is what most Keralites wear. You can get cotton ones that are quite comfortable. Plus you know, if you go commando, you can feel the cool breeze tickle the family jewels all day long. Seriously though it is very comfortable and I enjoy working while wearing just lungis.

Other than that I only wear an undershirt. That’s what I usually wear at home on weekdays and weekends. Unless someone comes home; then I quickly put a shirt on. But otherwise I want to be free.

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