Some Down Time, Some Me Time

Night shifts are a drag. Making me feel like a vampire, if vampire could stand to be around till 7am. It means no evening outings and hardly any social life. I’ve missed a couple of events due to my new work shift and had to be at the office while family & friends partied hard. On the days that I work I am too tired to do anything else as sleep is patch at best and it leaves me feeling tired all day, with a stiff back, puffy eyes and a lazy feeling.

So I do not feel like going out. Ofcourse because I reach back to my area at around 8am, I can’t go for an after work beer or even a coffeeshop – well the coffeeshop is a possibility but not the beers or drinks. But even if I could go out in the morning hours after work, the same as I could if it was in the evening, I can’t expect to have my friends along with me. If I were to go out I have to do it alone. Well thats ok. So I did, before heading to the bus stop and catching a bus to the office, I went to Cafe Coffee Day in Shenoy’s junction and relaxed for about 45 minutes.

I had a sandwich and a nice big cold frappe and chilled out in the cafe and doing some people watching. Ok, alright! I was ogling some pretty girls the whole time I was there. Then I went to the bus stand and waited for my bus to take me to Thrissur Infopark. Tomorrow I want to go shopping for some shirts as well. I need new threads.

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