Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night

If you had the opportunity to turn back time what would you change about the course of your life and why?

There is a song by Bon Jovi called Someday I’ll be Saturday Night and a line goes “I wish that I could be in some other time & place, in someone else’s soul with someone else’s face”. That is exactly what I wish that I could have been someone else. I often dream up of various versions of myself and a very happier me and my heart aches as I really wish I could be any one of those versions of myself.

Perhaps if the multiverse is real then there are several versions of me who are doing so awesome in life. Who have a lot going for them. Who have a great wife, a nice big house and lovely kids with some cats and dogs too. And travels a bit. And do things that I want to do but haven’t or can’t. Who basically live my dream.

So I would go back in time and make changes starting from the age of 16 and then I think life would be better. Or worse, who knows.  

Prompt from 72 Clever Creative Writing Prompts (+ 6 Brainy Bonus Tips) at SmartBlogger

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