Something I Will Never Get Back

Write about something you lost that you’ll never get back.

What like my virginity? Hey, it’s been so long since I’ve – you know – that I think it’s grown back.

On a serious level I won’t get back a lot of things. I am 46 and I haven’t had the experiences that I wanted to have. I haven’t been in a relationship after I turned 23. I have had my crushes, my attractions and even fallen in love a couple of times since then but never been in a relationship since then.

As the years pass by I know I will never know the feeling of getting married and living with a woman who loves me. I will never know what it is to share a home with her, planning grocery shopping, movie nights, date nights, fighting over the remote, waking up together, going out together, having sex and then falling asleep in each others arms. These are simple things but a long time bachelor like me hasn’t experienced them. The years I have lost without these things always makes me feel like I have missed out on a huge part of life.

Nothing much I can do about it. So I’ve resigned to my fate of being alone and dying alone and continue on with my life.

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