Sometimes I Feel Like Kicking ASS…

  • When the guy right in front of you at the ATM counter, after taking such a long time to punch in his details and get his money out, delays even more by counting out the money at a slow pace, leaves and then the ATM shows that it has run out of money.
  • The guy who runs into the bus and then proceeds to stand right in front of you, disrespecting your space even if there is a lot of free space in the bus.
  • Idiots who stand & crowd the wash basin area of the office bathroom and check their dumb hair and yak in front of the mirror.
  • People who sing as soon as they enter the public restroom – just what is it with these jerks who think they are the next winner of Indian Idol!
  • The fellas who talks so loudly on their mobile phones with no thought as to the fact that they are in public.
  • Guys with seemingly no jobs who have nothing to do other than congregate in groups and pass comments on each and every person who come in their sights. Especially if it happens to be women.
  • People who pretend that they know everything and are correct 100% of the time – even when it is so bloody obvious that they are wrong!

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