Spooky Gift

I was looking to buy a gift (or a small set of gifts) for a friend of mine. She is leaving our company after 3 years (I’ve known her for 2 years and bit more). We used to work in the same section, were very close and had a falling out about 5-6 months after meeting each other and I guess we didn’t speak or be very friendly for a few months. We’ve built our friendship over the last few months and she confides in me a lot.

She recently got called for an interview at a large organization and the job pays her a lot more than what she is getting now but I think the clinching factor was that she would work only 9-6 shifts whereas here she can’t always get that. So she had told me about a month a half that she was going to resign as she got the job. I didn’t want her to leave but in my old age and wisdom setting upon me, I realize that this is better for her as she has a young son. As the days of her two month notice period come to a close, I’ve been looking for a farewell gift for her. I checked Amazon as they have a great selection from companies in India and I was looking for a couple of things that would be good for her at her new office.

I looked up a few things and saved them to my wishlist for later but while we were sitting at a coffee break one evening a couple of days ago, I casually ask her if she had bought anything online recently. She takes out her phone and opens the Amazon app and shows me a cool looking flask for keeping water – an exact same one that I had saved in my wishlist to buy for her! It look so stylish that I had immediately thought of her. And what’s more, she had looked at a diary which was incredibly similar in design to one that I had also thought of buying for her and saved it in my wishlist!


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