Starbucks Cravings

Well it has happened. I guess I am a basic bitch! LOL, I hate that term and I will call all who use it to go and fuck off. Yeah, fuck off cause we are not basic bitches. But I, as do lots of people, love Starbucks coffee.

I had been waiting for years for Starbucks to finally come to our shores and they have. So it is plain and simple to see that I would want to visit them over and over again. Now because of Covid and because the only Starbucks we have in Cochin is in Lulu Mall (which is quite crowded) I do not want to go there. Instead Zomato has a delivery service agreement with them. So I have ordered a few coffees since they launched.

Now with the 4th coffee that I have had from them (5th if you count the macchiato I had in Chennai back in 2015) I have a greater appreciation for them. But not for the charges which are really high. Though my latest frappe from them wasn’t the greatest. It was a strawberries and cream frappucino which was more artificial tasting than anything and had no coffee flavour. Point to self; avoid anything strawberryish from Starbucks. I’m already awaiting my next orders from them since I am developing quite the craving for sweet coffee and whipped cream with dollops of sinful chocolate syrups.

If only they weren’t so damn expensive!

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