Sunday Letdown

When it doesn’t rain it actually gets back to be hot and sweaty again. Yesterday, as it was the second of two days without rain, it was hot and muggy in the evenings and ofcourse with the mosquitoes out in force, it was not how I wanted it to be! Atleast there aren’t as many mosquitoes as there usually is. There are smaller and fewer and for some reason they are only biting me below the ankle.

Yesterday I went out for a while and I had a few things on my agenda – cut my hair, buy some cloth and maybe a couple of shirts, burgers at Burger Junction and buy groceries at Big Bazaar. Well, it didn’t work out. My usual barber shop was closed – they only close on Tuesdays but why on a Sunday? – and it was hot. So I went to TBJ for a burger, a shake and some wings and then I went to get groceries. I was feeling a bit drained and tired that I came home immediately after that.

No cloth shopping or buying shirts, which will have to wait till next week. Oh yeah, back to work after three days off.

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