Sunday, Monday Off

So I am working today, a Saturday. Has the world gone insane?

No, not really. As I had to take an emergency leave on Wednesday due to getting hurt and swelling just above the knee, we had to cancel the training for my current training batch of new hire employees. That was to have been day 1 of their training on the product & process. So we have to work this Saturday to compensate. I would have just taken a leave if the batch wasn’t scheduled to finish their training in 10 working days.

So I work today but I will be taking Sunday and Monday off and then next weekend I will be working on Saturday and only taking Sunday off. Bummer! I wanted to do the 1 day weekend thingy this week but my trainees have to go home to their hometowns and some of them live a little far away so they need two days off this week. Oh well! I guess I will go out tomorrow, I could use a haircut. Actually, I am over due for a haircut.

And then maybe I will go for a pizza or a couple of beers. I dunno. If I feel lazy on Sunday then I will go out on Monday morning. I will be working evening next week so that’s something.

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