Sundays At Home

This is the life! I’ve always been known to quote, along with a few of my friends, that all Indian companies should advocate the 5 day work week rule. I’ve been getting 2 Saturdays off in a month since May but for over 3 years I have been working 6 days in a row with just a day off (if not Sunday, then some other day).

This is a ridiculous format and the guy(s) who invented this must be hanged to death! You need 2 days to recover from the tension & stress of work. I can understand working 10-12 hours a day if you have Saturday & Sunday off to relax. Saturday should be going out, shopping, hanging out with your buddies, drinking and getting wasted.

Sundays – ah Sundays! They must be for relaxing on your bed with a cold breeze blowing in through the windows, lots of coffee, movies on your DVD player, apple juice, lazy afternoon naps, evening football on tv & pizza!

3 thoughts on “Sundays At Home

  1. you have pizza? is it different than american pizza? i don’t really regard pizza as italian, any semblance of italian is gone from it really.

  2. There are some local places that try to make pizza but they usually suck! But we do have Pizza Hut & Dominos so they give u the real deal.
    America took from Germany (hamburgers & hotdogs), Italy (pizza, lasagna) and China (all Chinese food) and made them symbols of American fast food take out or home delivery!

    That being said, without the US doing it, these food items wudn’t have achieve world wide popularity!

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