Sunny & Cool Day Becomes A Rainy & Thundering Evening

Today a Saturday was one of the coolest yet sunniest days in a long while. It was bright and sunny yet there was a cool wind blowing throughout and hence it was prefect for a day out. I took a book and went out to spend some time reading in cafes while sipping on coffees.


Nice day for some cold coffee. I also had a really good tandoori chicken sandwich from Cafe Coffee Day, the first stop for today. A couple of hours spent in the cool confines of my favourite coffeeshop franchise while reading a book is great for relaxing on the weekend.


Marine Drive was my next destination. Another hour or so spent reading while sitting on a bench overlooking the Arabian sea is awesome. I had to go back in for more cold coffee but this is a quick pic I snapped while inside the Bay Pride Mall.


Alas days like these are few and far between. My second cup of coffee was this new and improved and simply titled cold coffee from the Bay Pride Mall’s food court. The same coffee just better tasting and with a generous shot or two of chocolate syrup – man it was really good. Well good for a place that doesn’t specialize in coffee.


Before leaving the mall I stepped into a store that sells computer/laptops, mobiles and accessories and bought a new Dell USB wireless mouse to go with my new Dell laptop. Pretty cute with a nice glossy matte finish that is so smooth to the touch.

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