Sunrise Viewings

How often do you get to (or have to) be awake for sunrise? Tell us about what happened the last time you were up so early (or late…).

I wake up usually now after 10 am on a weekday, except for Mondays because of my work shift. Sleeping at 4:30 am – 5 am means I wake up close to 11 am. On Sundays and Mondays I usually wake up between 8 and 9 am depending on how late I have slept the previous night. But it is usually no later than 9am. So waking up for the sunrise is not really a possibility for me unless I sleep late on a weekday or wake up early unexpectedly on Sunday or Monday.

I do usually love sunrises and even sunsets and the latter I do get to see quite more often. On some odd day when I either can’t sleep or wake up early I have on occasion gone to the balcony to view the sunrise and take in the glory of it. I think being awake at that time and being out with the fresh air blowing in your face and viewing the light changes in the sky is an awesome feeling and whether you are alone or with company, it doesn’t matter.

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