Do You Need A Dryer?

Doing laundry is a two-step process. While washing may take a little amount of your time, drying is process that takes hours and even days when the weather outside is humid or cold. Dryers ensure that clothes get dried almost instantly-along with saving your electricity and eventually money over a period of time. Nothing feels as great as wearing freshly washed clothes that are just out of the dryer. Before buying a dryer for home, make sure you have enough space to store it. With a number of features available in the market, choose one that is the best pick for your needs and also pick a good appliance repair service.

Many dryers consist of a rotating┬ádrum┬ácalled a “tumbler” through which heated air is circulated to┬áevaporate┬áthe moisture, while the tumbler is rotated to maintain air space between the articles. Using these machines may cause clothes to┬áshrink┬áor become less soft (due to loss of short soft fibers/lint). A simpler non-rotating machine called a “drying cabinet” may be used for delicate fabrics and other items not suitable for a tumble dryer.

Drying at a minimum of 60 °C (140 °F) heat for thirty minutes kills many parasites including house dust mites, bedbugs and scabies mites and their eggs; a bit more than ten minutes kills ticks. Simply washing drowns dust mites and exposure to direct sunlight for three hours kills their eggs.

Dryer’s Market

I did a small article about washing machines a day ago. While washing machines are pretty common in most Indian homes, oddly enough we don’t seem to be much in the market for dryers. But I think slowly they are gaining some headway into the consumer market and I can see more and more stores, online and physical, selling them. And they don’t seem to be as costly as they used to be. And like all such appliances you need to find a good dryer repair place incase something needs to be fixed.

Why have dryers taken so long to catch on in India? Cost seems to be a factor. The only people I know who have washers in their home and both from really rich families. Everyone else I know dry their clothes the old fashioned way. Drying your clothes in the sun and wind outside on a clothes hanger. But like I said that is changing and more and more middle class families are thinking about getting a dryer. This is mainly true for couples and families who live in apartment complexes for the most part.

To be honest drying clothes in an apartment is a difficult thing. It also is messy and creates a damp atmosphere inside the home. It also depends on how your apartment is, if it has a decent sized balcony or a room with enough windows so that drying clothes doesn’t make your room stuffy and damp. So if you have a larger family, investing in a dryer may make sense.