Boredom In Isolation? Not Anymore Inbox

There is nothing nice about being told to stay indoors – even if you prefer it usually! When it’s on your terms, it’s a very different situation to being told what to do by someone else. All of a sudden, the outside world looks incredibly appealing – and you can’t go and enjoy it. Isolation feels like something that will last forever for most of us, and it leaves us all racking our brains and trying to come up with activities that we can do while we are stuck inside. Of course, you may be lucky enough to be able to work from home, and that should take up some of your time. However, you need something to fill the gaps around work.

No one ever expected that isolation would last – or even begin – when the news of COVID-19 came about. And yet, here we all are. Gently across the world, we are slowly isolating and gradually shutting things down so that we can all remain safe. The virus doesn’t spread, but we do, and the more that we move, the harder it becomes to contain. The key is to stay as busy as possible to pass the time, and that means figuring out some activities that you can do while you are on the countdown to freedom. If you have children at home, it becomes somewhat more challenging to decide on what to do with your time. Without children? Well, we have some suggestions to keep you busy while the world becomes a safe place once more.

  • Get Your Game On

You’ve had the consoles and the games for a while, but the time that you spend at work and enjoying a social life have previously put the kibosh on your gaming time. And yet here you are, isolated and nowhere to go. Dust off the blue light glasses and load up SIMS 3 – you’re going to get your game on, and you need to be comfortable. Luckily for you, you bought a gaming chair and the right screens to make sure that your time spent gaming is better than ever. You’ve got to work from home, but you also have far more time for gaming than you had before. You can improve your dexterity, expand your brain, and really improve your problem-solving skills when you get your game on, and you can choose from so many different gaming types, too.

  • Embrace Video Chat

Just because you cannot go anywhere, it doesn’t mean that you can’t see friends. Netflix has introduced a Party Mode whereby you and your friends can all watch the same movie at the same time, but that’s nothing compared to video chat. We are very blessed to be living in a time where we can connect with technology and see and talk to each other as if we are in the same room. Video chat can be done via any mode: House Party, WhatsApp, Skype, and Facebook are just some of the popular options. When you’re working or socializing, you often don’t have time to call friends and family only to check-in and see how they’re doing. Isolation may suck, but it does mean that you have time to connect with the people you haven’t caught up with in a while. Keep them informed of what you’re up to and ask them what they’re doing, too. You will be surprised by how much you can connect to people you can’t touch or see.

  • Crafts & Coloring

When was the last time that you sat down and put your creative mind into action? If it’s been a while, then you know precisely the benefit of crafting and coloring. Whether you teach yourself to sew or knit based on the tuition of YouTube videos, you could use the time that you spend in isolation to hone a craft you know or start a new one. Crafting a coloring can help your brain to develop in a way that you wouldn’t have before the isolation period. You have time on your hands to work through your imagination, so why not do something that will feed your soul?

  • Get Fit

You are isolated and unable to go to the gym, and it’s time to embrace the world of online workouts. You can’t go for a long-distance run (though you can go for a walk a day), but you can start a new workout regime and get yourself a personal trainer. There are so many alternatives out there, and you can get the workout that you need. Exercise does so much more for you than get you lean. It also allows you to heal and helps your heart, your lungs, and your body to move correctly. It’s also a fantastic way to build your confidence up and feel good on the inside. Exercise helps you mentally as well as physically, and when you’re stuck in isolation and gaming all day, you need something active to get you on the move.

  • Read

It’s so simple, but there’s nothing quite like the feeling of falling into a new world when you cannot get out into your own one. Reading isn’t a natural thing for some people: they can read, but they don’t immerse themselves in a new book. Gaming gives you a chance of escapism that you don’t find when you read, but reading is a whole new adventure. When you read, you need a comfortable space and good lighting. If the weather is good, get outside and start reading in the sunlight. You’ll soak up some much-needed vitamin D while you explore a whole new world. Sinking into the imagination of someone else can give you a chance to escape in a way that takes the boredom away from isolation and whiles away the hours.

  • Learn To Bake

You’ve got time, the ingredients in the store cupboard, and the internet. The answer to a burning question of what to do with these items is clearly to start baking! You can follow recipes online – either static or via a video – and you can learn how to cook some phenomenal food! You don’t have to have kids with you to learn to bake simple recipes of biscuits and cupcakes. Instead, you could think about teaching yourself all of those cake recipes you’ve been dying to master. You could go from novice cupcake baker to making a three-tier birthday cake for your Mom when you come out of isolation. There’s something to be said for learning a skill like baking, and when you have the time to do it – like right now – you should take full advantage of it!

  • Binge Watch Your Set List

How many shows have you got lined up on your Watch List on Netflix? All of those recommendations from friends and family that you saved “for later” are stood ready to go. The news on the virus and its spread is harsh enough to watch, so why not start watching those shows that were recommended to you? You can take the freshly baked goods that you made earlier and get comfortable. Gaming is a great way to exercise your skills, but sometimes you need just to veg out and watch a new TV show without interruption. Once you come out of isolation, you will have caught up to all of your friends – at last!

  • Start A Blog

Do you have a knack for writing and a head full of thoughts? Perhaps now is the time to empty your head and get your ideas on paper – well, an online document. A blog can give you a place to discover whether you know a niche area, and when you find out that you have a talent, you can get your content out into the world. Perhaps you know more than the average person about gaming, and you could talk to them about how to enhance their gaming experience with blue light glasses. Maybe you are a font of knowledge for all things Disney. No matter what you figure out, you can put it all into a blog and show the world your talents! A blog can eventually be monetized, so you could earn some cash off the back of your new discovery for getting your knowledge into the world. Don’t be afraid to do it, either. It’s an excellent way to remain connected.

  • Bring The Concert Home

You can’t get out to a real show with real artists, but those artists that you love are still there. Get online and create a playlist, order a disco light from Amazon and get involved with a concert in your own home. You could even head to Instagram videos and see whether your favorite artists are doing live singing and shows for those in isolation at home. It’s exciting, and it’s a great way to discover whether you like new music.

Isolation doesn’t have to be a time of boredom, especially not when we have our suggestions above. Get involved and make your isolation a time of productivity and fun – you can pass the time happily!

Cool Collections to Start This Year

Being a collector takes dedication, time and patience, but it can be very rewarding. Not everyone is in it for the money but the market for collector’s items can bring you in some cash as well. The key thing is to collect something that you are really passionate about because you need the will to spend the time in antique stores and online looking for it. The result is very satisfying however. Here are some fun things hipster collectors are after this year.

Everything vintage

This of course includes vintage fashion, but also things like kitchenware and advertising. Vintage fashion is a great option nowadays as it is more widely available for a cheaper price. It’s also a more sustainable and unique way to dress. You could go for particular pieces that interest you, for example bags and accessories. Kitchenware and glassware can also have a practical use, as well as being kitsch.

Another stylish option is to collect old vintage posters like advertising from famous brands. These can be classic in style and a great way to decorate your living room. Something like an old Guinness advert, or Campbell’s soup, or something even lesser known like video game artwork.

Retro video games

Or you could also start a collection of the games yourself if you’re interested. Games that are rarer or more historically significant will be the most valuable, even if they’re famously bad. For more advice on the video game market from the nerds themselves, click here.

Comic books

Some rarer issues can be incredibly valuable, but it’s difficult to know what you’re looking for if you’re not an expert. Comic books, in particular the Marvel series, are becoming increasingly popular however, so if you are interested in learning more you can find online forums with fellow collectors.

Vinyl and music memorabilia

This is the coolest of the cool, having your own old-fashioned record player and a stack of vinyl. Many people say the sound quality is better, this obviously depends but certain records can reach a high price as well, particularly if they have original artwork. If an album was very popular, or has strange art on the cover it will be more valuable.


These can be great fun to play with as well as to look at. There are a range of models and types from Thomas the Tank Engine to the model C38 steam train. There’s a growing community of collectors you can trade with online, or at your local model shop.

Toys and action figures

These have nostalgic value as well as monetary with the most popular coming from the 70s, 80s and 90s. It’s a good idea to keep them in mint condition if possible.

Obsolete technology

Things like typewriters, turntables, old TVs and video games consoles are very fashionable items to collect. They can add an air of nostalgia as well, even though purely decorative. You’ll often see your favourite little pubs and cafes kitted out with these. They just look cool.

Getting More Involved With The Hobby You Love

Most people have some sort of hobby or interest, nowadays. The web has opened the doors to these sorts of activities, giving far more people the chance to enjoy them than ever before. You can learn about the hobbies you like, buy items which make it easier to enjoy them, and can find communities of like-minded people to share your passion with. Of course, though, there will come a time when a lot of people will want to take their hobby deeper. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring some of the best ways to achieve this goal, giving you a range of different paths to take when you’re approaching something like this.


In the past, people used to make a lot more of their own possessions than they do today. This is partly thanks to modern stores making it much easier to simply buy things, but is also down to the fact that a lot of people don’t learn skills which enable them to make things when they are at school. Your hobby is a great chance to turn this around. For example, if you like to go shooting, you could think about pressing your own cartridges for the job. Companies like Diamond K Brass can supply the parts you’d need for this, and there are plenty of resources around the web which can teach you how to make these items.


Alongside making things, you could also think about teaching. It is often said that teaching is the best way to learn, and this is especially true for something like a hobby. There are a couple of ways to handle this, with running your own blog being the easiest and most popular. This way you can write and make videos about your field of interest, providing information which will help newcomers to the hobby to get started. Of course, alternatively, you could also think about teaching face to face, though this will probably be harder to organise.


If you have a hobby you love and want to find out more about it, learning about it is a great way to go into more depth on your favourite topic. Search online forums or blogs for advice, take a class and buy books or magazines about the topic so you can read around your subject of interest. For instance, if you did enjoy shooting, as well as learning to make your own cartridges, you could get some gun help, and learn how to choose the right equipment for you. Learning about the history and the different fields of interest for your hobby will help you find various aspects to enjoy.

Building A Community

Online communities have been around for a long time, though they haven’t lost any of their popularity. Building a community for your own hobby shouldn;t be too hard, with a forum-style website and social media accounts being the only tools you’ll need to get started. This will feel like an uphill battle at first, though this will quickly change once you start to get more and more visitors to your site. Once you have enough people using your site, you could consider using ads to make money from it, giving you the chance to delve even deeper into your interests and provide more to your community.

With this in mind, you should be feeling ready to take on the challenge of getting more involved with the hobby you love. A lot of people work hard on things like this, only to find that they can’t go much further once they reach a certain point in the future. Of course, though, there are always ways to push this further, and you just need to find the right idea for you.

3 Reasons Why It’s Worth Having Non-Digital Hobbies

We live in an extremely digital age, and it’s all but normal now for the majority of people to spend virtually every single moment of their waking time in front of some type of screen – whether that’s a computer (and a social media feed), or a TV streaming the latest hits from Netflix.

As things stand right now, you’ve really got to work to get “non-digital” hobbies off the ground – but whether those hobbies are things like creating the perfect fishpond in your garden and identifying the best pond stocking company, or whether they are more along the lines of stamp collecting; it’s well worth having some “old school” hobbies after all.

Here are just a few reasons why it was having non-digital hobbies.

Because constant digital stimulation literally overloads your brain

You could be forgiven for assuming that scanning the web all day doesn’t really do anything much to your consciousness, nevermind your brain. But, according to a growing wealth of evidence, you’d be wrong in that assumption. The writer Adam Alter revealed, in his book “Irresistible”, just how much social media companies and other tech giants utilise essentially exploitative techniques from the gambling world, in order to ensure that you stay hooked on their services.

Another writer, Nicholas Carr, showed that constant digital stimulation literally “overloads” and “rewires” the brain, thereby significantly reducing the ability of the person in question to concentrate on anything at all for a prolonged period of time, or in an in-depth way. Your digital technologies should be viewed, first and foremost, as tools. Make them work for you, not the other way around.

Because there is something deeply fulfilling about active hobbies

There’s something truly ancient and fulfilling about creating, or repairing, things with your hands – whether that means painting a piece of art, or working on a vintage era old motorcycle of yours. As mentioned earlier in this article, passive entertainment forms are now more the order of the day, and it can be too easy to get caught up in a habit loop of never really doing anything very “creative,” yourself. On some level, we all get a sense of fulfilment from actually “doing stuff.” So, get a non-digital hobby that requires you to “do stuff.”

Because, these days, it will make you a more interesting person

Everyone wants to stand out in some way (some positive way, at least), and we all like the idea of being interesting people with interesting stories to tell. If you are engaged in non-digital hobbies and pastimes these days, that already makes you slightly out of the ordinary, and a bit more of an “interesting” person, at least in some ways.

Of course, the specific extent to which someone finds you more “interesting” because of your hobbies is bound to vary. At the very least, though, you’ll definitely be a more “well-rounded” person as a result of doing more stuff, in a broader range of different areas. According to the book, “Range,” the broader your skill sets, interests, and experiences, the higher the likelihood that you will actually succeed and feel fulfilled in life, in general.

15 Hobbies That Could Change Your Life

If you’re feeling inspired this year and motivated to do new things, then perhaps a new hobby is for you. However, a hobby isn’t just good because it provides you with and enjoyment, there are many benefits to trying new hobbies that can not only improve your life and your health, but it could even help you in your career. Having a decent hobby can help you relieve stress, build your self-confidence, become a more exciting person, find a new passion, give you new skills, create new social connections and even earn you additional income.

So, what could your new hobby for 2020 be?


Crafting is both a fun hobby, and it’s also therapeutic. Not only this but upcycling means that those things you still have but no longer use for can be made into something useful and something you love again. Find things in your house, that you no longer love. Do you have some old shelves that could do with a bit of attention? Even a glass jar that is just sitting around gathering dust, you could spray paint it and make it into a modern vase. There’s loads of inspiration for this kind of thing online.


Whether you fancy wading through a river in search of trout or relaxing by a river, fishing can be as exciting or as laidback as you make it. There are different types of fishing and so many different places to fish, you can make a weekend of it, take lessons, go to different countries to do it, the options are endless. This is probably the best online fly shop and has a great fly fishing starter kit, so check it out. One of the most exciting things about fishing is that it can sometimes result in a delicious dinner too.


Everyone’s a blogger these days, but there’s a good reason for it. If you’ve got something to say, blogging can be an excellent place for you to express yourself. Whether you want to blog about mental health, food, lifestyle, books or films, there is a place for you online. Even though so many people are blogging, there’s always room for more. Of course, you need to start writing for yourself and about something you are passionate about, and then once you’re in the flow, you could look into monetising it and turning it into a potential career or just a side hustle.


Even if you think you are no good at drawing, have you ever been to a class? Drawing can be very therapeutic, and you can learn how to do it. There are simple techniques to get you started so that a few drawing lessons could get yours on the right track. It’s good to have a challenge, learn something new and you might make new friends too. Also, if you end up drawing some lovely things, then they make great gifts for friends and family, or you could even try and sell a few.


Another fantastic skill to learn and can be so useful when it comes to taking photos of your family and family occasions. You could take a course as there’s plenty about and you can learn the different types of photography.

Learn A Language

If this is something you’ve been meaning to do for a while, then why not make 2020 the year you finally do it. With so many apps and online courses to learn new languages, there is no end of resources to teach yourself, all you need is a little discipline. Or you could enrol yourself in a course which will be a great way of meeting like minded people too.


They say everyone has at least one book in them, is this true for you? If so, then maybe now is the time to start putting pen to paper. Start slow, take it one step at a time and if you want to get out and about then sign up to a writing class or meetup group as this will also give you the discipline you need if you find it a struggle to motivate yourself. Writing can be great therapy and like other hobbies, could help you in your career too.


If you can’t cook, then this is something that you should learn how to do. It will expand your mind, your palette, your taste buds and your weekly menu. When you learn the basics of cooking, you realise the possibilities of what you can make. You find that making soup isn’t hard at all, that you can put a roast dinner together on a Sunday and a homemade lasagne is a doddle. If you sign up to a cooking class, then you’ll meet lots of people and come home with exciting dishes each week. What’s not to love?


Birdwatching is a great hobby to take up, and that is because there is so much more to it than you might think. For one, birds are all around us. No matter where you live, you can always find birds, so it’s a very accessible hobby. Two, it is a hobby that gets you to connect with nature which is very good for us humans and something that we seem to do less of in this day and age. Also, birdwatching is a very economical hobby as no expensive equipment is necessary to enjoy watching birds. All you need is a good field guide and a decent binocular, and you can do this hobby all your round.


Despite what you might think, Archery is one of the most peaceful experiences you will find; it is genuinely a form of meditation. It is also good for improving hand-eye coordination, and as your body must be held in a constant position while you’re setting up your aim and taking a shot, this improves balance too. It is also a sport that results into muscle development as it builds strength in your arms, hands, chest, and shoulders.


Most people associate running with pain; however, if you start small, and run in different and beautiful places where you won’t get bored, then you’ll fall in love with it. Running won’t just be a sport that keeps you fit, but a hobby that you will love and become passionate about. You’ll soon find yourself running marathons.

Join A Book Club

If you enjoy reading, then why not opt for a hobby where you can incorporate your love of books? A book club where you can meet other people who have read the same book, and you can discuss it with is brilliant for book lovers, and you’ll learn so much more listening to other people’s opinions.

Computer Programming

Learning to program computers can be not just a hobby but something that could really open doors for you. It’s nice to learn how these things that we have become so reliant on, actually work but also could really help you in your career or to get a new one.


A hobby that lets you build something is definitely a hobby worth having. Coding is something else that could unlock doors for you as well as being a really interesting hobby. If you’re not sure if it’s for you, then you could try taking a free class at Code Academy to start with.


Volunteering can be hard work, but it can also be seriously rewarding.  There are loads of places you can do it; you can go for an animal shelter, a homeless shelter, volunteer to help and work with children. If you have some hours to spare and want to make a difference, then volunteering could be the perfect hobby for you.

How To Find Yourself A New Hobby

A hobby is something that all of us need in life to help keep motivated and to find our passions. Life should be exciting and a lot of our boredom can come from not having enough to do in life. Here are some tips to find yourself a new hobby.

Think About What Makes You Escape

With hobbies, a lot of the time, it takes you away from what you’re doing or what you have to do but don’t want to particularly do it right now. Hobbies are a form of escapism and so when you’re trying to figure out what sort of hobby you want, it’s worth trying things to see if it helps you forget. Forget about maybe something personal going on in your life right now or to just take your mind away. From Side Bet Sport Fishing to do knitting or buying and selling on Ebay, there’s something for everyone and each one will be different for each person.

Take It Back To Your Inner Child

Your inner child is still in you and it’s that one that comes out when you rediscover something from your childhood. Perhaps something you ate as a child, a tv show that’s just popped up on your screen or receiving an advent calendar stuffed full of chocolate. There might be a few hobbies or something that you always wanted to be a hobby when you were younger. Perhaps it’s a fascination around wanting to ride a horse or trying to ski. Get in touch with that inner child and figure out what sounds like a fun thing to try out. As adults, we become fear of doing new things but it’s important that you don’t let that fear control you from living your life how you want it. Find that bravery that you had as a kid!

Listen To Your Body

Listening to your body is important and it’s one thing that we definitely learn as we grow up. We start to realize that certain things may make us happy and certain things will make us sad. When we feel happiness, it’s like a warm glow all over and it envelopes us. That’s what you want from a hobby and so when you’re trying to find one, search in favor of that emotion. You can try lots of hobbies out that other people will enjoy, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to enjoy it. Listen to your body and you’ll figure out what you like and what you don’t.

Figure Out What Needs To Change 

There may be a lot going on in your life and some of those things you maybe don’t like so much anymore. It could be time for a change and usually hobbies can allow that to happen. So figure out what you want to adjust in your life and find a hobby that will replace it.

Finding yourself a new hobby can be good for your life and your mind, so look for something you love doing.