Tamil Bashing

Ok this incident happened a while ago but left me wondering for many minutes even after I had come home. I was taking the bus ride back home from work and it would have been about 7:20 in the evening. I was sitting in the last row of the bus and there were two Tamilian men sitting near me. The bus was a bit crowded (not unusual for that time) and I could barely see the protagonist of this event, even though he was standing less than two feet away from me, leaning against the pole near the door. The Tamilians, who were obviously low-wage earning manual workers, were chatting very loudly just like their kind normally do. I have always taken this for a fact of life, labourers can’t talk at normal decibel levels, but they work hard for a living, so just shut your ears and ignore them.

The loud chatting seemed to spark an interest in our pole-leaning fellow. He looked at them with contempt and asked them “Are you from Tamil Nadu? Where in Tamil Nadu?” and then went on to use swear words at them. They even included the words “Motherfuckers, sons of whores, illegitimate offspring” etc. I was wondering why on earth the idiot was abusing them. It seems that, as he would explain to anyone who was paying attention, that he has always had bad experiences with the people of the state. He said that he has suffered many days over there while working in Madras (Chennai) or while searching for a job there. He spent days unable to get proper food or even water to drink and the people were abusive to him. He also faced issues when he came back to Kerala and worked for a small firm, whose work meant that he had to often go to cities & towns in Tamil Nadu.

He also said that one of his relatives was applying for a visa to Baharain on the promise of a job by a friend who was settled there. The embassy in in Chennai and they refused him a visa, cause his passport was “Kerala passport”, which means that a sort of racism cost him a trip to a better life. He asked them “Does anyone bother you here? You live peaceful lives here in return for the work you do.” The abuser continued on, until the two labourers alighted from the bus and turned to several people asking them “Are you Tamilian?” Later one the guy, obviously drunk, apologized with a smile and said he was under pressure and was just letting off steam when he hear the Tamilians.

No doubt he faced some tough times while he was in Tamil Nadu and his relative was denied a visa for no reason other than the fact that he was a Malayalee, but can we agree with the guy? He must have had a rough time but there are several Malayalees who are living it up in Chennai & Coimbatore. But hatred towards the entire Tamil population because of that? On the other hand, a man can only relate to something according to the relation he has with that particular thing.

I was left wondering : Okay, I can’t stand their movies or their stupid meaningless songs with non-sensical lyrics that seem to be everywhere these days. I will never understand why they continue to vote for corrupt Jayalalitha or have such fascination with talentless actors. But still I can’t agree with hating our Tamil cousins.

After all, remember this joke: “Why are Tamilians called the horniest people on the planet”?

Answer: Because they greet everyone with “Wanna cum” (Vannakam)!!! LOL

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  1. This kind of prejudice is mirrored all over the world. It’s a shame when the actions of a few people sully the names of many. Love the joke!

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