Tattoo The Earth

Since watching Miami Ink and a rerun of Tattoo The Earth on Discovery Travel & Living channel, I really have got an urge to get tattooed. Despite some stories of horror (“he asked for a 13, but they drew a 31) which are no doubt done by nitwits, I would like to get one myself. More ideas for potential winners keep cropping up.

The Misfits logo (this is a band who I don’t follow, have never heard of their songs, but love their image), the logo of progressive rockers Queensryche, dragons & snake (actor Sasha Mitchell & rocker Todd Kerns both have excellent arm length dragon tattoos) etc etc. Just look at the two pictures I have posted above that I got off a Google search. They are truly awesome – one is a tribute to the love of his dog gismo – although I think it is a great tattoo and a cool idea, I wouldn’t want to have the image of my beloved late Shawny on my arm; it would bring back too many memories for me.

And the other one is for the love of good music, rock n’roll music that is. I personaly think that it is a truly damn good design and idea for a tattoo and I would like the same on me arm for sure.

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