Tech Talk: How Advanced Tech Can Improve Your Fishing Adventures

Contrary to what many people believe, fishing isn’t a niche activity. In fact, it is one of the most commonly participated sports in the country. So, if you’re a fan that’s looking for ways to increase your enjoyment, you are not alone. As with many things in life, technology is the answer.

Here are five ways that technology can be used to enhance your experiences on the lake or sea.

1| Planning A Trip

If you love fishing, you’ll probably have a favourite spot. However, exploring new places is a big part of the fun too. Using your smartphone to find suitable places to fish can be achieved on browser or through dedicated Apps. Furthermore, checking the weather and knowing the times of sunrise and sunset can help you plan. Improved organisational skills give you a solid platform to build upon. It can even aid your hopes of selecting the right fishing bay to base yourself for the day ahead.

2| Improving Productivity

A productive day of fishing is always more enjoyable than one in which you spend waiting for nothing. Using a fish finder can help you identify the most densely populated parts of the sea, lake, or pond to fish at. While some may consider it to be cheating, there’s nothing wrong with giving yourself the best shot at actually catching some fish. If nothing else, the knowledge that fish are in the area will give you the motivation to keep at it, even if you start slowly. It’s probably the best tool you’ll ever own.

3| Baiting The Area

As well as finding a busy area, you need to ensure that the fish are interested. Baiting the area is an old concept, but the tech used to do it is greater than ever. Some use RC boats to take bait out to the desired area. Others go even further by using drone technology. Either way, accurate baiting feeds into the idea of improving the day’s productivity. Meanwhile, when fishing in a small group, this additional task can actively crank up the fun too. The modern approach to a traditional idea should be embraced.

4| Adding Comfort

Technology doesn’t always need to include computers and digital items. Any angler knows that keeping dry, warm, and comfortable can make a significant difference to the day’s activity. Flexible, fingerless fishing gloves should be top of the agenda. Of course, suitable footwear and rain jackets are vital. Depending on the situation, you will also need to consider the tent as well as sleeping bags and chairs. The tech has evolved on all of those items, making them more practical and comfortable. Perfect.

5| Capturing The Day

The days of settling for a quick snap on a disposable camera are long gone. The generational and technological shifts mean that people want to get better images than ever. In fact, some will want to record their days for vlogs and social media posts. A digital camera or high-quality smartphone can handle basic tasks. For the very best recordings and shots, though, adding a submersible camera or video recorder can work wonders. It truly underlines how far tech has evolved in recent times.

Happy fishing!

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