Tell Us About A Crush You Had In School

I think it is safe to say that I was 13 and the first real crush I had was on this girl who was a class above me and 2years older. I mean I’ve had my celebrity crushes and all that (some of them still to this day) and one long lasting on teacher but the first time I had a real crush on a girl near my age was in 1989 for this girl called Sophia. Or did she spell it as Sofia. I am not sure. What I am sure of is that I had it bad for her.

She was tall and fair and had thick curly hair which I loved. She was hot too! She was a bit of the silent type so I had difficulty in getting to know her. And ofcourse I was kinda shy and not really confident in my ability or lack thereof to win the heart of a girl like her. I think at one point of time I did tell her how I felt but she didn’t feel the same way. But that didn’t stop me from being friends with her. Eventually in a year or so I got over my little crush on her.

The only time I have seen her since then was when I was 19 and I was sitting near a bus stop with a friend. As a bus pulled up I saw her sitting at a window seat and called out. She must have recognized me (it has only been 5 years since we last met) and smiled a wave back. Since then I haven’t seen her but I think once from afar I saw a woman who looked liker her. If I met her now I would say hi and catch up and then move on. She’s just another memory in a long line of memories. I am curious though to see how she is but it wouldn’t go beyond a casual curiosity.

Prompt from 28 February Writing Prompts at MamaKatsLosinIt

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