Terminator : Salvation

Alright! I wasn’t really sure that I would watch this film. I hadn’t watched Rise Of The Machines but had seen the 1st two films in this franchise numerous times. Also, I was thinking – a Terminator movie without Arnie. What the fuck?

But I did watch it and I think it’s an ok film. I’m not going to want to watch this many times over the years. It isn’t very memorable but I have a few points on this movie:

  • Sam Worthing does a good job in his role as a man given a chance to redeem himself.
  • I really liked Anton Yelchin, first time I’m seeing him in a movie, and I’m really excited about his role in Star Trek XI.
  • Christian Bale does not convince me in his role as the grown up John Connor.
  • Any movie with Michael Ironside in it, even if it’s a tiny role is worth watching. This guy just exudes charisma and he’s perfect as a bad guy. Here he isn’t one but has a slightly negative tint to his role.
  • As I had stated on seeing the trailer, the Terminator bikes are absolutely cool!
  • Cool to hear Rooster by Alice In Chains & You Could Be Mine by Guns n’Roses in the movie.
  • Was there a point to Bryce Dallas Howard’s role? She wasn’t effective. Moon Bloodgood was ok in her part.
  • I think the best part of the movie is the Terminator with a young looking Arnie face! That was a killer idea and it worked.

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