That Caramel Taste

Simple day out. I just had to go out of the apartment as it was driving me crazy that I had been cooped inside with a really bad cold & cough for the past 4 days. I had to get my haircut. I needed to check out and see about repairing my spectacles. I also wanted to get some good food after 4 days of resting in my home. So off I set at just around 11 am. Itinerary was medicines, work meeting, coffee, haircut and late lunch.

I did all that. Medicines bought I quickly finished the meeting which was more of a few presentation rounds, all 15 minutes each and soon I was out of there. Time for some coffee. So how do you think one should recover from a nasty cough & cold that puts you out of commission for 4 days? How about one of these? No, make it too. Caramel Lattes from Coffee Cube are really good. Hmmm caramel yum. Plus ogling some young beautiful babes also helped!

Then it was time for an overdue haircut. I went to my usual hair cutting saloon and got my sides and back chopped. The front & top – well we just won’t go there. That quickly done, I was on my way when I happened to run to an old classmate, from my 2 years spent in St.Paul’s college for my Pre-degree years. I don’t know how he recognized me as it has been close to 17 years since I last him! I would never have been able to pick him out of a crowd but he says that I haven’t changed much, other than putting on a lot more weight and losing a lot of my hair. I guess some people just are difficult to forget (says the charismatic & humble man!)

Lunch, late as it was, was chicken hakka noodles and garlic chicken. Noodles was good and so was the chicken but the gravy wasn’t up to par. All this activity pooped me out and I came back home and crashed on my bed. Snooooooooze!

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