The 2024 Stanley Cup Playoff Lineups

And now the race to 16 wins begins. After the arduous 82 game season we now begin the playoffs to see who will win Lord Stanley’s Cup. From Boston vs. Toronto to the Battle of Florida to Edmonton vs. LA Part III, the postseason will feature some of the most dramatic, physical and heart-stopping moments in any sport. You’ve got New York vs Washington and the battle of Florida, the most unlikely of hockey heavyweights also going head to head.

While I doubt that I will watch any live watches  I just don’t have the time – I will catch some highlights. My safe bet is for a Vancouver vs New York Rangers final though of these teams I would most like for Edmonton to in the cup again. Jets remain another favourite of mine and I hope they do well. Colorado and Tapa are dark horses to win it as well I think.

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