The Age Gap Between Spouses

How many years is the higher limit between a man & a woman involved in a relationship/marriage? And which works better – if the woman is older or the man is older?

Let me explain : I have a friend who has been living in the US for 12 years now. He is in a relationship with a white American, he’s Indian, who is 11 years his junior (he is 34 and she is 23). He finds it a bit weird, especially knowing the reactions of his family back home. But is 11 years difference too much? And what if she was older to him by 11 years? Would that be weird? What age difference is too big?

Or doesn’t it matter at all as long as the two people involved are sincere? Me personally would find a big age difference difficult to get by. A maximum of 5 years is fine. Ideally I would say, and this only for me, as I am 35 now I would think a girl between the ages of 35 to 30 is ideal. I don’t think I could have a serious relationship or marry someone more than than 5 years younger to me. And I’m also open to having a relationship / marrying a woman older than me – again upto 5 years. I don’t think an age gap larger than 5 would work either. But what do I know? It doesn’t usually work out the way we think it will. Tomorrow I might fall in love with a woman 10 years older than me or 10 years younger. And it could work out too! Who knows right?

I was attracted to a girl 7 years younger last year – not that it worked out but I didn’t find the age gap to be more than what I’d like. She was the only one that young I had considered to being in a relationship with – and it was mostly due to her interest in me. I still think she was too young for me.

I’m curious dear reader, what are your thoughts?

3 thoughts on “The Age Gap Between Spouses

  1. older men/younger women, fully common and normal but once the women age and perhaps move on from the first older man, we have to keep going higher and then it gets to a point where we are the same age as the old guys (which sucks) and then those guys are still dating the young ones which will go for the older cos they feel flattered and like to win out over the older women. In summation, the world is nuts.

  2. I think it depends on the people in question. I have a friend who is married to a guy 10 years younger and it works really well. I also have a friend married to a guy 15 years older and it doesn’t work so well. It all comes down to the individual parties in the end as well as how much you really love one another!!

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