The Banana

Today evening I had to buy some stuff for my mom. I hadn’t been out to the nearby stores in almost 2 weeks now and was glad for the change. Among the things I had to buy was bananas. Bananas to be eaten after dinner or lunch as desert and also as a digestive assistant. Bananas are the fourth in human consumption (rice, wheat and maize rank above it. It is also supposed to be a berry or seed and not exactly a fruit. So as I have a banana, I would like to blog about the yellow fellow. Bananas are a valuable source of Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, and potassium. They mix well with anything like ‘puttu & kadala’ or ‘uppumav’. People eat them with their evening tea & paripu vadas. And they make u go to the toilet in a much calmer manner! :)

They make excellent deserts – chop a few pieces of banana in ice cream and it takes on a whole new taste. Banana flavoured ice cream is one of the best (it gives of such a sweet & fresh smell). Banana candy is so tasty. Then you have banana cake, banana cream, banana cream pie, banana bread and banana milkshakes! My first attempt at making a milkshake at home was when Raju was there one day and I made some banana milkshakes by putting cold milk, sugar & ‘chingam’ bananas into a mixie. They tasted so good.

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So let us toast the banana, the friendly fruit who mixes with just about anything. And ofcourse one cannot forget the sexual overtones of a banana! ;)

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