The Banking Klutz That I Am

I’m really excited about moving to my new place in Chalakudy. I’m also a little scared and worried about how I will get on by. I’m worried about cost and stuff and also thinking that I might end up not being able to live the way I want to because of circumstances and cost facts inhibiting me. At the same time I think this will be quite good for me and I hope I get to spend some good months here if not years.

I had some stuff to do today, mainly which was getting some cash into my account. I’m hopeless when it comes to banks. From 2003 onwards I’ve always had money credited straight to my salary account by my employers and I’ve always taken money out via ATM/debit cards. I’ve made some purchases via swiping my card or making online payments. My phone bill & my internet bill has never been paid other than through the online netbanking option in the last 4.5 years. Hence I must admit that I suck at doing banking the old fashioned way. I struggle to enter pay slips, to deposit cash into my account or withdraw money from my account. Today when I went there, I had to as twice just to make sure that the deposit that I was doing from a cheque in my name towards my account was correct and that it wasn’t going to some other account.

Time for some beer and to relax. Here’s what we had, the we is me & my cousin Sujith, at Couchin.

For the record we had 2 beer each, barbecued sausages and soft fish fingers with a cheese dip. The fish fingers were wonderful and the sausages awesome. I didn’t get the other stuff that I was looking for but I can do that tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “The Banking Klutz That I Am

  1. Those fish fingers with cheese dip sound amazing. Nom. I am very excited for you about your new place and I am sure you will sort out all your banking etc. Can’t wait to see some photos of the new place!

  2. Selma – the banking stuff was sorted out very quickly by that evening in fact. I have some photos of the exterior of the house. I will post a few by the end of the week once I take a few interior pics (it’s bare at the moment). I’m moving in tomorrow.
    And the fish fingers were great but the sausages were out of this world. Which is why we ordered two plates of that.

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