The Best Way To Cure A Cold

As far as I know there isn’t a proper cure for a cold right? You have some medicines that you can purchase at the pharmacy like Coldarin, Avil or Vicks Action 500 (whatever happened to the previous 499 attempts at making it, I shall never know) but they are at best slow acting and I think that the cold kind of goes away on it’s own at the same rate if you don’t take it as when if you take it. Here’s what I do:

If the cold is really bad, i.e blocked nose and running at the same time, I drink lots of hot, black coffee, hot water, do steam inhalation using vicks vapour rub and sleep it off. I also drink a lethal concoction of resum – with lots of garlic, chopped onions and pepper! It can make your breath sting so once you feel better, brushing with tons of toothpaste is a must. Black coffee with a little pepper is great too. Also I have tried brandy, with warm water & pepper – works like a charm especially if you have a cough & flem!

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2 thoughts on “The Best Way To Cure A Cold

  1. I take horseradish and garlic tablets, vitamin C and paracetemol when I have a cold. It does seem to help. But you’re right – there’s no quick cure.

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