The Best Ways To Take Advantage Of Your Time After Lockdown

The end of lockdown is upon us in many countries across the world. Most of those who have had to work from how or sit and wait for their jobs to restart again have spent up to 3 months sitting and waiting. And even those who haven’t stopped working and have had to continue in order to provide healthcare and essential work for their country have found themselves without their favourite after-work past-times to look forward to.

But as the time indoors starts to come to an end, many will be looking now to fill their newfound freedom with the activities that they realise they were taking for granted. In this time of restarting and returning to normal life, there will be those who feel that they must now be doing something extra with their time, in order to make the most of it. So how can your newfound time and freedom be spent in order to really maximise what you can achieve with it? Well here are a few ideas you can mull over in order to make the most out of life.

Take up a new hobby or join a new sports group

Remember when you wanted to join that Pilates class but “never quite found the time”. Well now is the time. Coming out of your lockdown you can now appreciate what it is to spend the time doing the things you always wanted to do. Now that hobby shops, fitness classes, and leisure facilities are reopening now is the time to enquire about those classes that you always wanted to take part in.

Human beings are sociable animals. They are meant to spend time around other people. And now that the time is back to be able to spend it with other people, you should be jumping at the chance. Time with friends and family is great and cannot be replaced, but you should be broadening your social circle as much as possible.

Take a holiday somewhere you haven’t been before

Take a holiday somewhere nice, or at least somewhere quiet, that you actually want to be. Take the time to actually plan on going somewhere that you have never been before. Never been to Spain, why not go to Barcelona? Or maybe even Greece. Take the time to appreciate places you have never been before and always wanted to go to. Don’t feel bad about wanting to enjoy your freedom once again, but do it responsibly and shop around for the right price. Be wary as some holiday agencies may be trying to recoup losses from their financial downtime.

If you really want to get extravagant, why not take a trip to a Bahamas private island? If you want a holiday that is filled with sun, sea and sand but is still right out of the way of tourists and the vast majority of other holiday goers, then it may be a legitimate idea.

Start hosting family and friend nights

Many people are now realising how much they have missed their friends and the close physical contact they once had with their family. To recapture this magic and that closeness once again, why not consider starting regular family meals, or friendly get-togethers. Of course, you don’t have to feel obliged to start preparing 5 stars, 4-course meals each and every time someone comes around to the house. But if you do plan on hosting more family nights a few snacks every now and again are a brilliant way to provide a good night. If you are stuck for ideas on what you can do, maybe host a board games night, or even set up for a movie night with the kids in your family and circle of friends. Not only are the adults missing their friends and family but the kids are too. Having something for them to look forward to is going to be a joyous moment for them once lockdown is over.

Having friends and family around is going to be an excellent way to dust of the social cobwebs once lockdown has been fully lifted wherever you live. Now that you have probably realised how much you took these family and friend gatherings for granted it can be almost guaranteed that you won’t ever want to waste time not having them again in the future. Schedule them in regularly once able to do so. If you did that already then try to do something different that you never did before. Family picnics or day trips are a brilliant place to start if you are used to spending family time indoors.

Spend time in the great outdoors

Not enough people spend time outside amongst the greenery, in the fields, or just travelling their country in general. Many people confine themselves to their small circle in their home town or city and some will never even consider leaving, let alone actually do it. Now though, the time is ripe to start fixing that issue and spend more and more time outside, taking in the fresh air, and seeing what the countryside has to offer.

You don’t have to go for 3 weeks camping and trekking holidays where you only live off the land, but you should definitely consider going for day-long hikes across regularly new terrain, in places you haven’t even heard of. Expand your travelling distance on a regular basis. Just like taking a holiday why not book to camp somewhere new every month and explore the places you’ve never been. Not only is the exercise good for you, but it has also been proven that spending time in the outdoors is good for your health, both mentally and physically.

Finally, start your dream side business

Some people took advantage of lockdown to start and grow the side business they always wanted. Now that the economy is going to start picking up the pace again, this is the time where your products and services are going to require even more attention. If you build your business smartly and with some careful planning it can grow into something that starts to replace your regular job should you so wish it to.

Owning your own business is a dream for many and now is the time to make that dream a reality. Use what time you have left in lockdown to really educate yourself on what it takes to successfully start and run your own side business. You never know, but with the right care and attention, within a short period of time, your side business may become your full-time career.


Lockdown has been hard for many. A lack of anything to look forward to and the closure of many of their favourite clubs and social places has taken its toll on the mental health of a great number of people. But coming out of lockdown doesn’t have to just mean the return of work. With some foresight and planning you can start to take control of your newly appreciated free time and start to have fun again.  Start to give yourself something to look forward to and something to plan that you can really sink your teeth into. Try not to take your free-time for granted again and really start to appreciate the small things in life because one thing is for certain. When you can no longer waste time, you start to miss time. Spend it wisely and make it something memorable once again.

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