The Black Lab & Dalmation Mix

My parents had spent new year’s eve and new year’s day at my sister & brother-in-law’s weekend house in Chalakudy. Today while relaxing at home, I asked my dad how Shawny Jr was. Shawny Jr is my sister’s dog. My sister & her husband had got the dog for my nephews back in 2005 but it was only a few days later that they realized that they couldn’t keep a dog in their apartment building. That was stupid of them but my parents & I were living in our house in Thrikkakara and there was ample space for a pup to be raised. And that was how, at the age of 55 days, young Shawny Jr came to live with me.

At first I didn’t want to be near the dog as I had just lost my dog Shawny a few months back. Plus I felt that it was a tad inconsiderate of my sister to name their dog after mine without considering my feelings. But the cute pup won me over in no time. Shawny Jr is a cross between a dalmatian male and a black labrador bitch and full of spunk, energy, vigour & love for whoever is kind enough to pat & fondle her head and feed her.

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On coming home at night after work, I would be at the gate, bracing myself as Shawny Jr recognizes that it is me. The affectionate puppy that she is, she would come running as soon as it is established that it is my sorry ass sneaking in at the gate and proceed to bang into me. She leaps and lunges and a few times has been at the receiving end of my rebukes. I then give her some patting and brushing of her coat and then get into the house with dog slobber all over my hands.

I haven’t seen the dog since she was taken back to my sister’s house back in September 2006. She now lives in a kennel built adjustant to my sister’s house in Chalakudy (to which I have never been) and awaits my sister’s family when they go there during the weekends. Next to her is another kennel with a black male lab pup called Jimmy. I’m so glad that Shawny Jr has someone to play with.

When I took this photo, I was hoping to get a picture that lookes like the cover of Pearl Jam’s “VS” cd. You know the one I am talking about, the one that looks like a dog or a sheep strainning it’s face against the wire mesh that seperates it from the outside free world. The album cover was supposed to define defience and rebellian attitude. Shawny was just over a year old when this photo was taken as a homeage to my fav band.

3 thoughts on “The Black Lab & Dalmation Mix

  1. When do you see her next? We demand more pictures! :-D

    She’s a cutie, for sure – when do you get your own faithful furry friend? Any plans for someday, or?…

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