The Black & The Red

Is Coke slowly replacing Pepsi as my choice of soft drink? Since Covid hit, even though I have been getting the odd Pepsi bottle or can, I seem to be buying more & more Coke instead.

During the work week, when it is hot, there is nothing more that I enjoy than a cold drink with a bit of ice added to the glass to sip and enjoy as I work. Especially in the late evenings. During the weekend, Saturday I will add my Old Monk rum or Smirnoff Espresso to it and enjoy the combo while I eat some good food. Sunday I will drink a large glass of Coke as I watch Youtube and enjoy listening/watching music videos throughout the evening.

I still prefer Sprite overall and 7up is a close second but I like a cola since my current alcoholic beverages at home are the Espresso vodka and black rum. They go so well with a Coke or Pepsi. So for the time being it is a cola that I buy and Coke seems to be winning. Beside there is something really special about a rum & Coke.

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