The Boys Are Back In Town

download deadwater online As expected, on a Saturday when I have something planned, I get delayed due to no fault of mine. I left the office at around 6:20 pm and took a bus to Marine Drive. Along the way I was hoping that things would be as normal and that spending time with my buddies would cheer me up. I got down at the stop and took an auto to Malabar House Rooftop garden where they were waiting for me.

Anil, Madhu and I wasted no time in ordering drinks and some snacks – mostly fish stuff, including some lovely squid plus my usual chilly gobi. We ate and drank and chatted loudly. Then the discussion got a little distracting – as religion always does. They both believe in a god (Madhu is a Hindu and Anil is a Christian) and I don’t. It went on for almost 90 minutes. Neither side was willing to give up and so it seemed wise to order a couple of more drinks and some soup.

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After soup, we had chappati and butter chicken (which was delicious) and then got to the payment part. Once that was done, we got into an auto and they dropped me off first, as I live closer. Now I am in my room after visiting the bathroom and washing my face, legs and hands. My belly is full and I feel a little fuzzy due to the drinks – a plesant kind of dullness. I’m going to watch Friends for a bit from my bed until sleep hits me and then it’s zzzzz’s for 8 hours. Goodnite everyone!

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