The Butt End Of A Long Day

It’s the butt end of another painful & long day at the office. When things don’t go right, they go fucking wrong!

Anyways, to keep it short, we couldn’t start the interview rounds at 10:30 am as planned but it got delayed till 2pm due to various stuff being asked by corporate to the HR manager here. By 2:30 pm with all things set up, we started the interviews. 2 people done, we had to break for a meeting in the board room from 3 pm till 4:40 pm.

Then it was back to the interviews and we completed the rounds for 22 people. By that time, it was 10pm and I went to search for a cab to drop me home. About 20 minutes later, I was in a cab, escorting 3 lady employees to their home and then  by 11:20 pm I was in my room and ready for dinner. What a long day and it’s more of the same tomorrow.

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