The Case Of The Missing Chicken

A big part of almost every kid’s life are the cartoons that he/she watches. I was no exception and was glued to the tv when they showed cartoons (Muthaharika in Arabic if I remember) every morning and evening on Kuwaiti television. This was ofcourse before the cable tv channels showed up but they had a good selection of cartoons to show us kids.

One of the most memorable ones was the Muppet Babies cartoons. And this is my favourite episode which I can’t seem to forget. I loved this episode. Gonzo’s stuffed baby chicken Camilla goes missing.

The best part is when Fozzie bear does a “confession” to taking the bear and running way – he only imagines it. Then Gonzo shares with the others as to how he feels – he sings the song ‘Camilla’ dressed like Elvis. Truly magical!!

Finally it seems that he just misplaced the baby chicken. Things are back to normal.


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