The Couple From Utrecht

I left my apartment at around 1 pm to go buy a new belt for myself yesterday. I really like the style of the one I bought. Then it was on to Cafe Coffee day where I had cookies and a mocha frappe.

While I was there, a Dutch couple walked in and sat at the table right in front of me. It seems that they were lost and tired from wandering out in the hot sun, they came in for some coffee and some sandwiches. They asked the waiter the way back to their hotel & about a couple of places they had wanted to go to. Since the waiter did not know the places and I had overheard them, I offered to help them with directions.

the mark of cain online download For the next hour & a half, I sat with the Dutch couple from Utrecht – he was black Dutch-Surinamese and she was white – and we chatted about Dutch football and some of our favourite players. It was fun to sit there and talk about Overmars & Bergkamp, the De Boer brothers and many other famour footballers of the past from Holland.

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