The Culinary Disaster I Remember From When I Was A Teen

Your worst cooking disaster.

Well, this is not actually my worst cooking disaster but my sister & cousin. And this is from a long, long time ago. I must have been 16 or 17 and my parents who were members of Lions club, had gone for the evening for a dinner party. Hence my sister and our cousin Raakhee who is almost 3 years older than me and was staying with us at the time, offered to make dinner for the 3 of us. What was on the menu?

So back then we didn’t have the internet so they had found a recipe in a magazine for a couple of simple things. Simple things in theory! The two girls had decided that they would make the Indo-Chinese dish Chilli Chicken, which they would serve with pre-brought porotta and for dessert they were preparing souffle. “Can I help?” I asked halfheartedly, to which they said “You? Silly boy, just go and sit in the living room and watch tv. Smiling I went to watch two 1 hour episodes of some tv shows I loved and then….

Total silence from the kitchen. By now I was starving and so I went to check on them. The two ladies looked like they had been through a war! Hair in disarray and sweating a storm and the food! The chilli chicken dish looked greyish while it is supposed to be a dark orangish or red colour. And the souffle – was stuck to the sides of the dish they cooked it it and to be honest, it looked like rinsed shampoo that had been dried. I looked at them and was about to ask something when…

They both said “Don’t say a word! Just shut up and eat the food.” The threat was real so I did as I was told and managed to eat some of it and lied saying that it tasted better than it looked. We had a maid who tried it out and she actually loved it! Damn! But that was a culinary disaster of epic proportions.

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