The Fight That Never Was

Well I needed some beers in me. It had been about 3 weeks since I had any and now with me doing graveyard shifts, its difficult to get any to drink. If I work 1opm till 7 am 6 days a week, you can rule out having a beer Monday-Saturday. Cause I can’t drink a beer after work – after 7am? no way. And I sleep around 10-11am till 3-4pm and I can’t drink beer for atleast a couple of hours after that. I leave for the office at around 8:45pm and there is no way I am gonna drink beer and go to work!

So the only option for me is to wait till Sunday and have beers or vodka or whatever alcoholic drink I want to drink in the evening. I rule out drinking on Monday afternoon as well, unless it’s like just one beer or 2 vodkas. Hmmm, I will have to think about that. So anyways, I didn’t go last Sunday for any booze as I was just plain tired and so I stayed in. Yesterday I did want to go out and so I did. However I did leave quite late by 8pm, even if the bar is quite near my apartment. I got there about 20 minutes later and order a couple of Kingfisher Strong beers, some koondhal (squid) fry and fried rice and chilli beef for dinner.

I settled in my booth and was hoping for a nice chilled out evening but fate had other things in store for me. First, there was this big group of guys sitting the booth in front of me. 8 guys all drinking some beers and other stuff and talking really loud. Ok, I was hoping that they would leave soon. And about 45 mins after I reached, these buggers did get up and leave. But 2 minutes later they were all back in, sat back at the booth they had taken and started pouring over their bill. The waiter hadn’t yet cleared the table and I could see 9 beer bottles, 2 Sprites & a soda bottle on the table along with 4 glasses. The bill was for 13 beers, 2 Sprites, 1 soda, 4 brandys and 3 Romanov vodkas. Problem is that they didn’t order any vodka!

Things heated up when these guys started arguing with two waiters, the manager of the bar & another guy. After some back & forth, the bar agreed that the vodka was a mistake, added to them instead of for another table. 3 of the guys in the group then agreed that they did have some more beers, when they were there ahead of the rest of the group. But only 3 and not 4. Things were getting quite hostile and a few cuss words were being spoken by the guys. I’m just pissed off by now but still wondering if there would be fisticuffs! Finally the bar manager stopped everything with a compromise – the guys would pay for 12 beers, the sodas & Sprites and the brandy and things cooled down. Had it gone on for another 10 more minutes then a fight would have broken out.

Disappointed I went back to my dinner & beers!

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