The First Thing

What is the first thing you see in the morning?

It kind of depends on how I wake up. Which position I wake up in from sleep. If I wake up on my back, I usually see the wall in front of me on which my tv is mounted. On top of that is a small teddy bear which was given to me as a gift many years ago. I will also be able to see the work desktop given to me from the office as it is right next to the tv and the end of my bed.

I usually tend to sleep on one of my sides. If I wake up on my right side, I will see the curtain and my window on the right. Which is ok but usually it gets a bit too sunny so I don’t usually like waking up on that side of my bed. On the left is the chair I keep a bottle of water and my phones and my inhaler. After that is a little space and then the dvd shelves that houses my collections. I like waking up to seeing that.

That’s what I get to see. I am curious as to what you guys see the first thing in the morning. If you read this, leave a comment below.

Prompt from 31 Days of Writing Prompts for May at the SitsGirls

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