The Flangiprop To The Rescue

Invent a definition for the word “flangiprop,” then use the word in a post.

Hmmm, let’s try this. A Flangiprop is a useless item in a house or home that is never used, has no use and is usually ignored by the residents of the home until the place needs to be cleaned. Also, it will suddenly become useful when you least expect it and in a sudden moment of need, it can be used to great effect.

So I had this flangiprop that just lies on this mantel at my home. It was a gift from…I dunno….years ago at my wedding and neither I nor my wife are aware of who it is that gave it to us. So in order to be safe we kept it there on the mantle just in case it was a close friend or relative who gave us this gift and we wanted to be sure that they saw that we were displaying it, or they might feel bad. But we never found out just who it was that gift us that ugly and clunky looking thing.

However this one night it came in handy and very useful, 7 years after our wedding. We were coming back home from a night out at a movie and then dinner and my wife had entered through the front door while I was parking the car in the garage, when I heard a scream. I rushed in and saw that a masked thief had a gun pointed at my wife and was beckoning me to be quiet and close the door behind me. I did as obeyed fearing for our lives but when he was distracted by our dog coming in from the upstairs room, I picked up the flangiprop which was near me and hit the thief on the head, knocking him outcold. I hugged my wife and using a piece of rope, I tied up the intruder while my wife called the cops.

As the police took away the thief, my wife and I poured a glass of wine each and silently thanked the unknown person who gave us that flangiprop!

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