The Goonies

If, like me you were a young kid between the ages of 9-15 during the latter half of the 80’s, chances are that you were affected by the movies The Goonies when you saw it and are still nostalgic about it. This is one movie that brings back such memories. Steven Spielberg wrote the story and Chris Columbus created the screenplay based on it and it was directed by Richard Donner, who was behind movies like The Omen, Leathel Weapon & Superman (how can you go wrong with that combination?)! The Goonies are a band of kids bent on rescuing the Goon Docks in their hometown of Astoria, Oregon from demolition and they attempt to do that by finding the lost treasure of One-eyed Willie, a pirate. Mikey finds the map in his father’s attic and it leads to a tunnel in a rundown restaurant, which is also the hideout of a criminal family called the Fratellis. Once the Fratelli brothers find out what the kids are after, they and their mother also go in search of the treasure for their personal gain. One of the Goonies, Chuck, befriends the third Fratelli brother, Sloth, who is deranged and deformed but friendly to the kids. The kids have to dodge various booby traps laid by Willie and his men in the tunnels.

At the end of the tunnel they discover an old pirate ship, which houses the treasure and the skeletons of Willie and his band of pirates. As they fill their pockets with the treasure, the Fratellis reach them and steal the loot from them. A dynamite is lit, mistaken for a candle and the cave starts to collapse. The Goonies dive into the water and swim for safety. A search party led by cops finds them on the beach and they apprehend the Fratellis with help from the strong Sloth. Fortunately for them, a small bag of jewels and gems was not taken away from Mikey and they can use the money from selling it to save the docks from being demolished and made into a golf course. Willie’s ship is lost into the ocean and Chuck says that Sloth is going to stay with him & his family from now.

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The film stars child actors Sean Austin (who has managed to get a decent career for himself even as a grown up) as Mikey, former child superstar and now where-is-he Corey Feldman as Clark aka Mouth, & Josh Brolin (also in Hollow Man). Joe Pantoliano is one of the villainous yet comedic Fratelli brothers. The movie was a big hit and is now also considered a cult favourite with numerous references in other movies & tv. 8 outta 10!

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