The Great Pretender

Are you full of confidence or have you ever suffered from Imposter Syndrome? Tell us all about it.

I think I have a wee bit of confidence or I can fake it from time to time. But usually I think a lot of my issues can be aggravated because I lack that little bit more confidence that some people seem to have in loads. I mean, some people are all about the confidence, even if they are not capable of doing the job or whatever they are confident and therefore get by. They can convince but not get the job done.

So at times I wish I could blow my own horn for people. Not too much though but enough so that people do get impressed and will be willing to provide me with the necessary requirements and resources. I am not very confident in front of a huge crowd though. At times it feels like I can do a good job but if I know my stuff then I can evoke a good, solid confident man. I sound more relaxed and sure of myself and I won’t fumble on words and I even crack a joke or two.

It is important that you don’t suffer from Imposter Syndrome too much and that you aren’t over confident either. Both are not a good situation to find yourself in.

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